Superskills for product managers

Superskills are the skills that make product managers stand out from the herd.

As a product manager you operate like a CEO for your portfolio and are ultimately accountable for everything that touches your product. What are the superskills every product manager should possess. We are differentiating between superskills, being the must-have skills that everyone should possess and superpowers. Superpowers are the special skills you can develop, but that are not for everyone. They are related to the unique role you are fulfilling. Here are the superpowers that you need to possess to excel as a product manager.

Soft superpowers


Product managers are curious by nature. They want to learn, to know, to understand. Their genuine interest to learn helps them to speak tech or content and engage with their stakeholders. This makes product managers credible counterparts.  Read More.



Product managers use their persuasion skills to sell their vision to others and motivate them to fulfill the product manager’s dream. Persuading others does not just get them excited about your portfolio, it also helps to work towards a common goal. Read more.


Product managers with vision are able to paint an image of what the future can hold without it having taken place yet. They are able to put a dot on the horizon so everyone knows where they are headed. Read More.


collaboration skill

Product managers bring people together to do great things. Their superpower is establishing connections and leverage these connections to solve problems, address issues or build better products. Read more.

Helicopter view

Every now and then you step in your helicopter and observe the landscape. You take a big picture view to determine if the activities you are executing are on track, and if these are the right activities that will help you meet your goal. Read more.

Excellent Communication Skills

Communication truly is a product manager superskill. You keep everyone in the loop at all times. You are not just communicating about your portfolio and its performance but also about market developments and relevant insights. When you think everyone knows everything, you step it up and communicate a bit more. Read more.

Radical Accountability

Radical Accountability means you take true ownership for your product. You feel ultimately responsible for all actions, decisions, thoughts and considerations related to your product. Read More.

Hard Superpowers


planning skill

Product managers are always one step ahead and are already thinking about the next action before you even considered it. Their vision is clear, and step by step they have outlined the path to reach the goal. Read more.